'Rock the Block' Fans Are Calling Out the Judges After Pool Challenge

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'Rock the Block' Fans Call Out Judges Instagram

Season 5 of Rock the Block is all about redemption, and this week, the four returning teams headed outside to tackle the backyards, patios, and pools of the Treasure Island, Florida, homes. They got an extra $25,000 added to their budgets for the projects.

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (Renovation Island), Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas (Bargain Block), Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis (Unsellable Houses), and Page Turner and Mitch Glew (Fix My Flip) created outdoor spaces worthy of five-star resorts. HGTV stars and Florida natives Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt returned to judge for the second time this season.

Page and Mitch added a hot tub and lounge area in the water, plus a seating area and cold plunge pool. They transformed the patio into a resort-inspired cabana area with a hanging daybed and fireplace. The team used their winnings from week three to add an outdoor movie area. The judges praised the relaxing space and hanging daybed and loved the landscaping but criticized the positioning of the movie screen.

Michigan-based designers Keith and Evan admitted that pools are out of their comfort zone. They added a hot tub, fire pit, and lots of potted plants, plus an outdoor kitchen area with a dining space and living area. Brian and Mika appreciated the attention to detail and outdoor kitchen and dining area and loved the fire pit but pointed out that they could've elevated the space with some artwork.

Lyndsay and Leslie, who were the only team who hadn't won a challenge yet, went with a curvy pool design with a palapa. They added automatic shades on the patio and included an outdoor shower. Brian and Mika loved the colorful and playful approach and were impressed by the shades but questioned the positioning of the seating area.

Sarah and Bryan chose to skip the hot tub in favor of a larger pool and chose a timeless pool design. They went all in with the concrete-topped bar with a built-in grill. The judges loved the planters, cantilever deck, and resort-like feel but questioned the lack of hot tub.

After some deliberation, the judges determined that Lyndsay and Leslie won the challenge, and $4,000 for the next week's project. HGTV shared the news on Instagram, and it was met with some criticism from viewers of the show:

  • "Sorry, this was NOT the best design nor was it aesthetically pleasing. The competition was between Keith and Evan, or the Baeumlers. The only thing plus was the electronic screens."

  • "The judging on this show is confusing me. They spend time judging the placement of furniture or the lack of artwork? Things that an owner can change. I thought judging was based on value added. Stop with the HGTV contract judges. Bring in some outside local designers and real estate people to judge each week."

  • "I can no longer take this season judging seriously."

  • "Once again Keith & Evan didn't win the whole thing. This season has been extremely disappointing! Keith & Evan deserved more. I hope they win based on the realtors at the end with the appraisal! They have added more. 😮"

  • "I would like to know why Keith and Evan keep getting robbed every single episode! They were the clear winners here"

Of course, like previous, there were also many fans who completely agreed with the judges. "They brought the party vibe and really thought of everything," one person said. "Yessssssss," said another.

Well, the teams only have two weeks left to add the most value to their homes. On the next episode, they renovate the docks, balconies, and front exteriors with Rock the Block winner Michel Smith Boyd and HGTV star Veronica Valencia joining to judge.

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