Rock Diamonds N wins 60th Gold Cup and Saucer

Rock Diamonds N wins 60th Gold Cup and Saucer

Rock Diamonds N, driven by Mitchell Cushing, won the Gold Cup and Saucer, the Island's signature harness race, late Saturday night. 

Rock Diamonds N swept through the finish line at 1:51.4 seconds at the Charlottetown Driving Park for the 60th Gold Cup and Saucer. 

"I was just thanking the horse because drivers only do so much," Cushing said. "It's the horse. They're the athlete. They've got the energy. You've got to make a decision, but it's all them.

"When I got ahead of everyone, it was a sense of relief," he said.  

Somewhere Fancy, last year's winner, finished second with Lisburn third. 

The harness race was a family affair for Mitchell as his father, Ron, was also a competitor in the event.

But Ron, who drove Bettors Fire N, said he wasn't too bothered losing to his son.

"I went from a competitor to a cheerleader real quick," he said, "I'd rather have him win than me win." 

Ken Linton/CBC

The race takes place at two minutes to midnight every year as part of Old Home Week and attracts thousands of spectators.

"It couldn't have gone better," Mitchell Cushing said. 

Ken Linton/CBC

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