Rock slide shuts down East Coast Trail in Torbay


It was fortunate nobody was hiking or fishing at Tappers Cove in Torbay around 3 p.m. Thursday, as several large rocks crashed down from the cliffs above.

The rock slide caused the East Coast Trail Association to shut down its section of trail passing through the area, as the association, town council and harbour authority try to figure out what happens next.

The fix won't be easy, said harbour authority president Tom Martin, but it's fortunate nobody was killed.

"This happened very quick and it happened three o'clock in the afternoon," Martin said. "There's always people passing through here."

Gary Locke/CBC

Martin estimated the largest rock weighs more than 500 pounds. It took a bounce when it hit the ground and nearly took out a light pole.

It's not the first time this has happened. Another large rock fell from the cliff side in August, and rolled all the way to the edge of the wharf where people were working.

A section of the East Coast Trail called Father Troy's Trail connects Torbay and Flatrock.

At Tappers Cove, hikers have to cross over the site of the rock slide to continue. The trail association says the path will now be closed between Moores Valley Road and Morris Avenue in Torbay.

The site is also accessible by vehicles on Tappers Cove Road, but Martin said it will be gated off until the cliff is stabilized.

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