Rockyford rallies to support local family in need

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The Rockyford community is rallying to support a man who was injured at his place of work, and to help support his family.

Ward Drydale was helping to fix a roof when he fell off it, dropping more than 20 feet to the ground, landing on gravel.

According to Ward’s wife, Kim Drydale, he suffered several broken bones in his right hand, a compound fracture in his right arm and humerus, four broken ribs and a dislocated pelvis.

“He was transported from Foothills Hospital to Strathmore now and he seems to be in pretty good spirits for the most part, just really bored. He really wants to get out and be able to go and walk around, which is hard right now,” said Drydale, who added that she was told it would take several months for her husband to recover completely.

Seeing their situation and wanting to help, a long-time family friend Jacquelyn LaMarche, started a GoFundMe campaign to allow the Drydale family to pay bills and spend more time together during Ward’s recovery.

“Kim is a best friend of mine, I grew up with her and they are like family to me … at the time, we didn’t know the extent of the injuries but we know very well that he wouldn’t be able to work for a while and they might need a little bit of help,” said LaMarche. “I just jumped into it and decided to organize something for them and get them as much help as we could to take some of the stress off of everything going on with them. Rockyford is a great little community … we know pretty much everyone, and they are fantastic when it comes to anybody in need. Everybody’s willing to jump in and be involved.”

Aside from the online GoFundMe campaign, according to LaMarche, folks have also taken to delivering cash and premade meals to the Drydale’s door. The Rockyford Lions Club also took notice and jumped in to help the family.

LaMarche added she will likely continue the GoFundMe campaign for roughly a month for people to donate to. With the aid the Drydale’s have received, it has allowed Kim to not worry about work and take the time to be with her husband.

“It was very overwhelming for her, she is beside herself (and) very grateful of the support,” said LaMarche. “Of course, there has been a lot of support from family and friends. But you know, from everybody near and far has been tremendous.”

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times