Rokeby Line could be straightened out

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An environmental assessment is underway as part of stabilization efforts for Rokeby Line at Bear Creek.

The road and slope to the creek west of the bridge has been resistant to efforts at stopping erosion. “As much as the township continues to try to provide some stabilization to the pavement on it, the ground seems to be continuing to move,” says Councillor Judy Krall.

The engineering for the environmental assessment is estimated to cost around $57,000. There’s been $35,000 budgeted for the project this year. All engineering work is being conducted by Goderich company B.M. Ross and Associates.

A recent notice from the township outlined many potential solutions, including “erosion protection installed at the toe of the slope, stabilization of the slope through regrading and use of vegetation, relocation of Rokeby Line adjacent to the creek, or a combination of the above.”

Krall says it’s “very possible” Rokeby Line could be straightened out at the northbound curve west of Plowing Match Road. Whether this straightening takes place or not, the road is likely to be closed at some point for repairs.

The environmental screening process will gather information such as water depth and topography statistics. Anyone can contribute comments until May 28. During this time consultation will take place with the public, government agencies, First Nations groups and any other interested parties.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent