Romania asks citizens to approve new national defense law to combat hybrid war


Romania’s Defense Ministry is inviting citizens to discuss a new national defense law in light of hybrid security threats, Romanian media outlet reported.

Should the law be adopted, the country will be able to use different types of interventions to counter hybrid threats, instead of simply sending troops to the territory of another state.

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The intervention would be initiated by the President and must be approved by the National Defense Supreme Council.

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It also proposes a solution for the security forces coordination in case of an armed conflict, including:

·         Priority mobilization of police officers

·         Creation of the National Military Command Center (CNMC)

·         Operational integration of Romanian, NATO, and EU armed forces

"This aspect reflects the commitments that Romania has undertaken as a member of these organizations, mentioned above, thus highlighting its strong commitment to comply with international standards in security cooperation," the draft law reads.

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