Ronnie Hawkins among 45 who receive Order of Canada

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    Ronnie Rocks :)
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    Congrats to Ronnie Hawkins... I have known "The Hawk" for many years and he is without a doubt one of the coolest dudes ever.... great artist, great musician and a great person.... we have done well to have hosted him here in Canada all these years ... I hope his health is good and he enjoys all the fame and notoriety he so deserves!
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    Congrats Ronnie,You definitely deserve to be honored.I had many good nights with you at the Hawks Nest.Thank you for being you! Be Well!
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    these artists who leave the country and live elsewhere for decades on end.....are no more 'ours' (therefor no need for all the accolades) than an absent biological parent is a parent.
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    Congratulations to Ronnie Hawkins, the King of The Coq d’Or on Yonge, and the cause of many of my late or un-finished homework.
    And, if as he tells it, we fans in Toronto owe a debt to Roulette Records and the New York Mob for causing Ronnie Hawkins to visit Canada.