Rosemary Barton hosts special Power & Politics in Windsor

Rosemary Barton hosts special Power & Politics in Windsor

Rosemary Barton will host a special edition of Power & Politics in Windsor on Wednesday, as she and her team dig deep into issues emerging from the country's busiest border crossing.

The Windsor-Detroit international crossing, which is Canada's busiest, is considered a vital economic link between the two countries. But U.S. President Donald Trump has struck uncertainty and fear throughout the manufacturing industry with his "Buy America" trade rhetoric.

Barton will look at the possible impact the new U.S. government have on the deeply integrated economy.  

The fear of any disruption to manufacturing, particularly in the automotive sector, as a result of new Trump administration policies has many in Windsor concerned. 

Canada's border city is looking at an economic boom not seen in decades. Its economy is growing faster than the national average and its jobless rate is one of the lowest in the country as it finally shakes off the unflattering moniker of being the country's unemployment capital.

Threats of tearing up, or rewriting, NAFTA have many officials in the region worried, including Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.

"Being the automotive capital of Canada, we're definitely concerned about any sort of changes to NAFTA that would impact our largest employers and the biggest part of our economy," he said.