Rothwell reiterates North Perth housing density concerns for Lunor Subdivision

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NORTH PERTH – During North Perth’s council meeting on Oct. 18, Coun. Allan Rothwell revisited concerns over housing density regarding the extension of the draft plan approval for the Lunor Subdivision which has been slated for development on the east side of Tremaine Avenue in Listowel for over 15 years.

“We had a good conversation about this at our last council meeting and I understand certainly there was a good conversation at county council and the decision to allow for the extension gave a range of 240 to 248 units I believe,” he said. “My statement is this… when we talk about the importance of affordable housing and the need for increased density our actions are required of our municipality… to ensure that we are getting as many affordable units as possible. We may quibble about whether eight units make a difference or not, but frankly it does in my opinion.”

Rothwell said he would encourage the developer to reach 248 units.

“I think there is plenty of opportunities to do so and I’ll just remind this council, the public, as well as the developer, it was the developer that came forward with this number of units as a possibility,” he said. “We are not imposing this on the developer and if when they submitted their plans presumably they had the full intention that they could reach that maximum number so I’ll encourage and support staff to have those conversations… to ensure that we are getting the affordable housing units that we need in our community for our residents both here now as well as those that will come.”

Mayor Todd Kasenberg said that for personal reasons he was absent from the Perth County council meeting where the discussion about the Lunor Subdivision took place, but had asked Deputy Mayor Doug Kellum and Coun. Matt Duncan to comment about the debate that occurred there.

“Yes, it was quite a conversation at county council when it was made very clear that we wanted to impose the 248,” said Kellum.

He said there was discussion that led to the decision to give the developer a flexible range to allow for unforeseen issues such as easements.

“Be assured they are going to push to the full 248,” said Kellum. “But you had all of your North Perth representatives, Matt and myself, as well the county council that was in support of this so yes, our concerns were very well received and we will go from here.”

“I appreciate that and we’ll look forward to the work with the developer and hopefully we’ll get the maximum number,” said Rothwell.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner

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