Rothwell requests report on actions concerning public recommendations

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NORTH PERTH – On May 17, Coun. Allan Rothwell asked for a comprehensive report from North Perth staff to inform council on what actions have been taken when the municipality has asked for public input.

“We invite members of the public to give us their opinions and they sit on committees and we have heard various recommendations from the mayor’s task forces… trying to improve situations, whether it’s homelessness or affordable housing or whether it’s on mental health,” he said. “Could we get staff to give us a report back in terms of the progress that we have made and are making concerning the various recommendations that came from the mayor’s task forces as well as the COVID Recovery Action Groups.”

Rothwell said it will allow council to hear the recommendations so they have a chance to support them.

Mayor Todd Kasenberg called the request “a recommendation roundup.”

The motion instructed staff to bring a report to council considering all the recommendations of the mayor’s task forces and COVID Recovery Action Groups, and evaluate the municipality’s performance against the objectives.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner

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