Rotting apples, bird seed may have drawn black bear to Blairmore

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The food you keep in your backyard could be attracting unwanted wildlife.

A young black bear was spotted wandering through Blairmore and the Protective Services Enforcement Branch released a report on Sept. 20, stating food left out by residents could be drawing it to the area.

Protective services received complaints from local residents of food sources left on properties along 21st and 22nd avenues, including bird seed on baking trays and rotting apples on trees.

Residents are being asked to remove all wildlife attractants from their property or risk being charged under the animal control bylaw.

Community peace officers will be patrolling the area for several days, working with Crowsnest Pass Bear Smart Association and Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers to deter the bear and prevent it from becoming habituated. They may use bear bangers and other peace-disturbing methods.

If residents see a bear in their neighborhood, they should contact the Alberta Report a Poacher Line (RAP Line) at 1-800-642-3800 or Crowsnest Pass Bear Smart at 403-563-8723.

If you would like to report a wildlife attractant, please visit to submit an online bylaw complaint.

Gillian Francis, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shootin' the Breeze

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