Roxanne Pallett returns to TV on 'Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls,' quits after suffering panic attack

Laura Hannam
Roxanne Pallett returned to TV Sunday night, but it was short lived. (Channel 4 images)

Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett branded herself ‘the most hated girl in Britain‘ after falsely accusing former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas of ‘punching her’ while the two competed on this summer’s Celebrity Big Brother

Sparking over 11,000 Ofcom complaints, the actress made her triumphant return to reality television Sunday night on Channel 4’s Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. But alas it was short-lived, as Pallett quit the tough Survivor-style reality series after just five days.

When Pallett awoke to campfire smells on the fourth night of the competition show, she suffered a crippling panic attack. The 35-year-old actress said the fiery scents triggered memories from a traumatic event in her teen years when she was caught in a house fire.

“I never thought going on the Island would open up a box I’d tucked away years ago,” she told the concerned crew.

Pallett suffered a panic attack on Celebrity Island, which resulted in her leaving the show (Channel 4 Pictures).

“The smoke was so thick it was stinging my eyes. I just kept thinking about that night when we were trapped in our home and we couldn’t take in another breath because every breath was our last,” she continued.

Bear Grylls swooped in to remove Pallett from the island. As she left the island, Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts’ brother) chuckled: “When’s the movie coming out?”

Although Pallett only made it through to episode one, she appeared to have gotten on several of the fellow celebrity competitors nerves.

In the opening episode, she kicked up a fuss when she and her fellow competitors were scouring for food on the beach.

“Oh my god it’s got a f***ing eyeball. It’s looking at me!” she exclaimed as she came face-to-face with a sea snail.

Former model and fellow Celebrity Island competitor Jo Wood reacted by calling Pallett a “silly cow.”

And the similarily unimpressed 2017 Love Island contestant Montana Brown responded with: “Babe, we don’t have a kebab shop down the road! We don’t have much choice.”

Despite her somewhat diva-like reactions, Pallett seemed initially convinced she had what it took to be a key competitor in the series.

“I’ve turned into some Amazonian woman and I don’t care how I look or the state of my hair!” she exclaimed as she chopped wood.

An exasperated looking Eric Roberts shot back at her: “Are you saying that for us or the camera?”

A visibly annoyed Pallett retreated to the beach where she addressed the cameras: “Eric doesn’t have any tact, he’s very rude. He’s not really being a team player,” she said.

Roxanne Pallett called Eric Roberts ‘very rude’ on Sunday’s Celebrity Island. (Channel 4).

Pallett then went on to get her foot caught in the fishing net, and Martin Kemp and Pete Wicks swam out to save her.

Once onshore a visibly shaken Pallet exclaimed: “My feet were like that! I couldn’t even kick!”

Earlier on in the episode she also complained that she was ‘not really an outdoor girl’ and perplexed her fellow competitors when she said that her time on the island was the ‘first workout I’ve ever done.’

And perhaps unsurprisingly Pallett is still very much a hate figure on Twitter, with many viewers tweeting their disapproval of her behaviour on tonight’s episode:

Meanwhile several users pointed out the irony of Pallett being on the island with professional boxer Anthony Ogogo after the shocking Celebrity Big Brother ‘punch’ row. Pallett’s false claims against Ryan Thomas on CBB included her telling The Diary Room that Thomas had punched her ‘like a boxer.’

Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls continues Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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