Royals nearly got Mustard on them in dugout after Hot Dog Race contestant wiped out

The trouble could be traced back to the route this Hot Dog Race contestant chose Friday night at Kauffman Stadium.

A person in the Mustard costume tried to ride the rail to the finish line, until he or she began to flounder by the photographers. Mustard veered off course and seemed to be headed for the stairs to the Royals dugout.

“It was,” a Royals player said, “almost really bad.”

Instead, the fan hit the padded railing in front of the dugout slightly past the stairs. Mustard did an unintentional 360-degree spin, and although the fan managed to keep running toward the finish line, it was obvious this hot dog wasn’t going to remain upright.

Miraculously, Mustard was still rumblin’, bumblin’, stumblin’ all the way to the finish line before gravity inevitably prevailed.

Mustard somehow finished second which was quite a feat. It was such a comical race that Denny Matthews and Ryan Lefebvre described it in great detail on the Royals Radio Network.

Here is the race.

It’s been a rough year for Mustard, as one was featured on ESPN after a face-plant in a race, and KCSP’s Cody Tapp finished in last place in another.

The Royals tweeted a closer look at the contestant, who seemed to have trouble seeing while running. And the team noted that Saturday is National Mustard Day.