Rum-and-cola, rape and a hidden bathroom camera: A Florida attorney’s abuse of a boy

Pushing Vicodin pills and Captain-and-cola drinks on a minor that he raped and took secret photos of has gotten an Ocala area lawyer suspended by the state Supreme Court.

The action against Jason Volkman, 50, precedes a coming disbarment, which the normal process for someone doing time on 44 felony counts and a misdemeanor. Volkman entered Florida Dept. of Corrections custody Oct. 9 to begin a 30-year sentence after pleading no contest to a stack of charges:

Sexual battery on a 12-to-18-year-old in your custodial care (one count); delivery of opiates (one count); video voyeurism (two counts); possession of photos of a child sexual performance (20 counts); promoting a sexual performance by a child (20 counts); and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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An arrest report by Marion County Sheriff’s Office said the boy needed a place to stay after being abused by his stepfather and he was a friend of one of Volkman’s kids. The teen told Volkman who agreed to let the boy stay with his family.

But, the boy said, Volkman would try to get him drunk with Captain Morgan-and-Sam’s Club Cola cocktails and sexually abused him while he slept on the couch. Every time he rejected Volkman, the boy told police, Volkman “would threaten to send him back to his mother.”

The boy also said he requested Tylenol for migraine headache relief, but Volkman would give him Vicodin, a prescription drug containing the opioid hydrocodone.

The boy’s friend showed police a picture of a phone charger in the bathroom that Volkman’s offspring suspected actually might be a hidden camera. When the boy showed police a stock picture of the charger on Amazon, the arrest report says, the description said it was a “Kaposev 2K hidden spy camera,” a portable wireless charger power bank nanny cam that was motion activated.

This all occurred in July 2021. Volkman was arrested Feb. 24, 2022. His release date is May 4, 2052.

Jason Volkman FDA
Jason Volkman FDA