Rumble strips to be installed at Exeter intersection

·1 min read

BLUEWATER – Huron County councillors agreed to an interim solution at a intersection that has been the scene of several accidents in recent years.

A roundabout study is currently underway at Airport Line and County Road 83 but Coun. Jim Dietrich wants something done sooner.

During the councillors issues portion of Huron County’s council meeting on Dec. 16, Dietrich brought forward his concerns about the intersection after personally witnessing a vehicle driving dangerously at the location.

Stop signs with flashing lights currently control the intersection, but council agrees these measures just aren’t working.

Dietrich asked council to approve the temporary, immediate installation of rumble strips that would alert distracted drivers of the upcoming intersection.

Although the timing for road construction is not ideal, councillors agreed that doing something sooner than later is necessary.

The speed limit sign allowing drivers to resume highway speed will also be relocated from its current location on the east side of Airport Line to the west side.

Coun. Paul Klopp made the suggestion indicating that drivers begin to speed up when they see the 90 km/h sign. Who are within their rights to do so, he said.

Councillors are hopeful that installing the rumble strips and moving the sign posting the speed limit will prevent further accidents and slow down drivers.

Council passed the motion for both suggestions and directed public works to go ahead with the changes.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times