Running with the Bulls set to return for Stampede

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Running with the Bulls is scheduled to make its return during this year’s Strathmore Stampede for another round of excitement.

Kate Dubois, events coordinator with the Strathmore Agricultural Society, said as one of the Strathmore Stampede’s main attractions, it never fails to gather a large crowd both to watch, as well as to participate.

“Everything should be running the exact same… there will be another $1,000 prize for both Saturday and Sunday night, and if you decide to pre-register, you do get a free ticket to our Saturday Cowboy Cabaret,” she said.

Dubois also jokes that also included in the prize is a belt buckle and bragging rights. The winner of the event is chosen by crowd favourite as the bravest, or most insane runner in the ring.

Last year, she estimated the event nearly sold out of slots for folks registering to test their mettle on both days of Running with the Bulls. For spectators, she doesn’t expect tickets to be available for a long time prior to selling out.

“Our Saturday and Sunday nights are always a sell out, especially for chuckwagons and Running with the Bulls, so definitely buy your tickets early because they go quick for those nights,” said Dubois.

She added the Strathmore Stampede will also continue to follow all AHS guidelines that are in place during the event. In case there are updates to public health mandates, the team behind the Strathmore Stampede is committed to keeping their fans up to speed regarding the event.

According to Dubois, Running with the Bulls has been a part of the Strathmore Stampede since 2003, and has continued to grow since its inception.

“More and more people are seeing it and hearing about it, and it is pretty rare to find this in Alberta, so it has definitely grown since then,” she said.

“All over our social media, people have been excited. People are still definitely a little hesitant, I think, to run with them, so I definitely recommend getting in and it’s a super great time.”

For those in the back who have yet to hear about Running with the Bulls, the event is comprised of four rounds, progressively adding more, and larger bulls into a ring full of people.

Contestants are not allowed to intentionally harm the bulls, but are allowed to provoke them before attempting to not get trampled.

“It’s typically an impulse thing. It definitely takes some encouragement from your friends to register, but we applaud those who pre register,” said Dubois.

“At each round they add an additional bull. They start off with the easier bulls and then they add the meaner, tougher bulls and it gets more and more exciting.”

The Strathmore Stampede is scheduled to take place July 29 until Aug. 1, 2022.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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