This Runway-Approved Scalp Serum Totally Rescued My Braids

Post-salon glow-up, when you've left with your silk press, braids or whatever new school take on the leave-out is flooding our FYPs this month (here's looking at you Ruka Invisiblend) inevitability you hit the eight-day mark and your hair is in desperate need of a hydration boost. Of course, you can quite confidently reach for foam dry shampoos, oils and leave-in conditioning sprays to refresh dry Afro hair as a pre-washday answer, but as those of us with sensitive scalps know all too well: this can lead to product build-up and scalp irritation.

To avoid this hair dilemma altogether, I've started using This Hair Of Mine's Scalp Serum to replenish and moisturize my braids. Keep reading to learn more about why this product has become my haircare go-to, especially during the winter months.

This Hair Of Mine Scalp Serum: The Rundown

Price: $46 USD

Rating: 9/10

Best For: Braids, cornrows and silk presses.

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This Hair Of Mine Scalp Serum Review Release Price info
This Hair Of Mine Scalp Serum Review Release Price info


This Hair Of Mine Scalp Serum:Why The Hype?

This light, hydrating serum is the brainchild of hairstylist Cyndia Harvey, which if you didn't know has been the creative force (and hands) behind some of your favorite fashion hair moments in the last few years, including Schiaparelli, Jacquemus and Loewe, to name but a few.

The London-based, Jamaican-born stylist created the brand after the release of her 2017 short film, aptly named This Hair of Mine, which beautifully explores the heritage of textured hair. After years of working on multiple hair textures and creating a plethora of styles backstage, Harvey went on to formulate a product in response to the scalp irritation, hair breakage and thinning she was seeing. Thus, she transcended hair styling and focused on hair health, particularly those with textured hair.

The result of this exploration? A luxurious multi-tasking Scalp Serum that has quickly become a firm favorite in fashion circles. Despite its glam inception, This Hair of Mine is touted as a multi-use everyday treatment that promises stronger, more resilient hair as the result of a healthier, balanced and nourished scalp.

This Hair Of Mine Scalp Serum: An Honest Review

As anyone with Afro hair can attest, there's no greater win than finding a product that will extend the shelf life of your braided style. Though I usually prefer wearing braided styles during the summer months due to their versatility (a moment of silence for my cornrows that kept my coils protected from the salty sea), this winter I have found myself opting for braids anew. This time coupling the style with the hydrating product to keeps them nourished through the bitter cold and crisp winds.

This Hair Of Mine Scalp Serum Review Release Price info
This Hair Of Mine Scalp Serum Review Release Price info

I first applied this scalp serum about ten days after a knotless braid. After taking a warm damp flannel to remove any dust debris from my braids, I applied two generous helpings of this serum (two full pipettes, to be exact) and worked it into all the partings of my braids. The serum felt lightweight and soothing; as though I was giving my scalp a sip of peppermint tea, or the hair equivalent of a cucumber slice over the eyes.

Though the brand advises applying the serum to clean, damp hair, I found myself using the serum on my dry braids in place of mousse in order to refresh my partings. I found that it boosted the moisture of my scalp and hairline without the disruption of a full blow washday. Think of it as your alternative to a foam dry shampoo.

This Hair Of Mine Scalp Serum: The Final Verdict

Is this something I would buy again? Absolutely. Between the sleek packaging, lightweight yet effective formula, I will be bulk buying for time.