Rural dumping an issue along Hwy. 522 corridor

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Along the remote stretches of highway in the Almaguin region, dumping garbage is becoming an issue.

On Dec. 17, Debbie Keetch, administrator of the Argyle Community News and Information Facebook group made a post stating that a homeowner in Golden Valley came across three garbage bags dumped down a ravine on Little River Road while out for a walk.

“They are not impressed, and neither am I,” wrote Keetch. “Not only is someone polluting our beautiful area with their garbage, but it is also a hazard for wildlife.”

The post received multiple responses from residents along the Hwy. 522 corridor stating that they have noticed an increase in garbage dumping.

Verna Fudge, also a member of the Argyle Community News Facebook group, said that people throw garbage out along Hwy. 522 all the time.

“We are constantly picking up stuff when we go for a walk. People don’t seem to care,” said Fudge.

West road sees a large amount of garbage according to residents.

“West road is terrible for cans and Tim Hortons garbage,” said Tammy Green.

Items such as wine bottles, bags, stove parts and Styrofoam have also been found along West road.

In Commanda, Tammy Meulemeester said that she found a spot where people have been dumping as well.

“(It) looks like someone’s been using it for over a year — there’s even couches dumped there,” said Meulemeester.

“It is on the roadway up to the internet tower in Commanda, there’s a turn halfway up to the tower and someone was dumping over the edge.”

Asked if she thought dumping is becoming an issue along the Hwy. 522 corridor, Meulemeester replied, “Definitely.”

“I even find Tim Hortons cups ... in my yard,” she said. “I do live on a corner lot, so I think people chuck their garbage when they stop at the corner.”

Regarding the latest garbage spotting, Keetch wrote that she just wants people to be responsible.

“If you see someone polluting in our area, say something,” said Keetch. “Let’s work together to put a stop to this irresponsible behaviour.”

Sarah Cooke’s reporting is funded by the Canadian government through its Local Journalism Initiative.

Sarah Cooke, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Parry Sound North Star