The Rush: LeBron heats up Summer League in Las Vegas

One of the best World Cup tournaments in recent memory came to an end on Sunday as France logged a thrilling 4-2 win over Croatia for the Championship.  Despite the incredible level of play, upsets galore and wild finishes, American TV viewership took a big dive. The World Cup ratings were down 35 percent from 2014 here in the U.S., which is a shame considering how prolific the 2018 tournament turned out to be.

More Americans were probably following the whereabouts of LeBron James than watching the World Cup.  The “where in the world is LeBron James” mystery was solved on Sunday as the King showed up in Las Vegas to watch a Lakers Summer League game from the sidelines.  Naturally, the fashion forward LBJ sported a pair of shorts you’ll need to see for yourself (check out the video).  He also watched an extra special halftime performance that shocked the crowd.

Also shocking is the name of the newly named interim athletic director at Murray State University.  No spoilers though, so watch the video and hit us up on Twitter if you’ve heard a stranger name than this one.