The Rush: LeBron's Ex-Teammate Has Wild Theories About His Next Move

“The Decision Part 2” is coming and everyone has an opinion on where Lebron James will land in free agency. Two reports surfaced yesterday, one claiming that if James headed to the Lakers, Lonzo Ball would be gone, the other claiming that Chris Paul was heavily recruiting King James to Houston. Former Lebron teammate Iman Shumpert had his own theories, and joined The Rush to dish on where the best player in the world might end up.

Speaking of decisions, Kiyaunta Goodwin is going to have one on his hands in a few short years. The 6 ft. 7 in. 375 lb. 8th grader was just offered a scholarship by the University of Alabama. Surprisingly, Nick Saban was a little late to the party, as Goodwin had already been offered by eight other schools. Fortunately for Saban, he can always dangle his 5 national titles on the recruiting trail.