The Rush: Mexicans start love affair with South Korea over World Cup assist

Nothing brings the international community together like the World Cup.  Seriously.

Mexico advanced to the knockout stage with a huge assist from fellow Group F nation South Korea.  The Reds’ massive upset over Germany kept Mexico alive in the tourney, and Mexicans all over the world showed their appreciation.  From hundreds of fans serenading the consul general outside of the South Korean embassy in Mexico City to national airline Aeromexico offering discounted flights to South Korea, there’s no doubt that soccer is good for the international soul.

Just as entertaining (and infuriating for thousands of Los Angeles commuters) was a man who posted up on a freeway sign on the 110 South in Downtown L.A., snarling traffic in the process. The guy draped banners over the sign, danced on the ledge, shouted messages on a bullhorn and did all of it in his underwear.  The police and fire departments shut down the freeway, brought in cranes and big inflatable mattresses in hopes that the man would make a safe exit from the freeway sign. Watch the video to see how the incident was resolved.  Here’s a hint.  His dismount might have inspired a new event for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

In other ridiculous news, Floyd Mayweather bought an $18 million watch and bragged about it on Instagram because…of course he did.  Wonder if he’s paid the millions of dollars in taxes he owes to the IRS…