The Rush: Rams to Pay Reggie Bush More Than Jared Goff in 2018

This season, the Los Angeles Rams are due to pay their franchise quarterback, Jared Goff, $7.6 million ($2.98M base + $4.62M signing bonus) for his services. Meanwhile, star running back Todd Gurley stands to make $4.4 million ($2.32M base + $2.08M signing bonus). Combined, these two salaries will cost the Rams less than what they now need to pay Reggie Bush, who’s no longer playing in the NFL (and never played for the team).

On Tuesday, a judge ordered the Rams to pay Bush $12.5M in damages ($4.95M compensatory damages + $7.5M punitive damages), after the court found the organization 100% liable for the knee injury Bush sustained in 2015 when he slipped on an uncovered stretch of concrete in the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

The Rams have since moved to Los Angeles and Bush has since moved on from the league, retiring December 15, 2017.