The Rush: What Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons wanted to say at the NBA Awards

In a pre-party before free agency begins, the NBA handed out its annual awards during a lavish ceremony on Monday night.  Players from all over the league arrived in mostly ridiculous outfits, strutting their stuff before the main event.

Ben Simmons of the 76ers took home the Rookie of the Year award, much to the chagrin of the troll-tastic Donovan Mitchell. While Simmons gave a very short and gracious acceptance speech, we here at The Rush imagined what Simmons would say if he were keepin’ it 100…a la Bill Russell.  Check out the video to see what we think Simmons meant underneath the niceties.

Meanwhile in Russia, the fans of Iran’s soccer team are winners of our Sixth Man award.  The night before Iran was to face Portugal in the World Cup, hundreds of Iranian fans gathered outside the hotel where the Portuguese team was staying and partied all night long.  Cristiano Ronaldo took to his  window to plead with the crowd for quiet mercy, as the party was so loud he couldn’t sleep.  The fans didn’t let up, and what do ya know, Ronaldo missed a penalty kick in the game against Iran.  While the game ended in a draw to advance Portugal to the knockout stage, it was an exhausting route to get there.