Russell Westbrook supports teacher walkout in Oklahoma: 'I'm definitely all in for that'

Teachers in Oklahoma have staged walkouts from classrooms and protests at the state Capitol to demand better funding for schools and higher wages.

Schools in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and around the state were closed last week as teachers and supporters spoke out against a decade of education budget cuts that have left students with poor accommodations and teachers without competitive pay.

Polls show that the movement has gained support from the people of Oklahoma, and one of the state’s most prominent figures spoke out on Saturday in support of educators.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook called for better funding for the state’s education system.

Education is very, very important to me. The teachers standing up for something that obviously they believe in — that’s helping the kids get a better education — obviously them getting paid more. More funding for the schools is very very important. I’m definitely all in for that because I believe education is key for a lot of things going on in society.

This is not out of character for Westbrook, who has spoken out on social justice issues in the past and made charitable efforts of his own.

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Russell Westbrook lent his support to Oklahoma educators demanding increased state funding for public education on Saturday. (AP)