Russia canceled International War Games for fear it might lose (and for other reasons) - UK military intel

A damaged Russian tank near Vugledar
A damaged Russian tank near Vugledar

Russia canceled its annual International Army Games because it wants to avoid embarrassment, according to a British Defense Ministry intelligence report published on May 29.

Russia's Defense Ministry fears that a shortage of soldiers and equipment would jeopardize Russia's dominance at the competition, especially in the tank biathlon.

They also worry that a lack of participation from other countries would reflect poorly on Russia the report said.

The war games might also be viewed as a distraction from its war effort, where half a million Russian soldiers have been killed or injured, and are likely looking to avoid internal criticism.

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The event was also canceled in 2023.

Russia's Defense Ministry has not made any official comments.

Russian troops have lost approximately 7,700 tanks in Ukraine, eight of them in the last day, the Ukrainian Army's General Staff reported on May 29.

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The International Army Games is an annual two-week event where soldiers from different militaries compete in various military events. Organized by Russia's Defense Ministry since 2016, the last event in 2022 saw 6,000 soldiers from 37 countries participate.

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