Russia’s National Guard blamed for failing to protect oil refineries — report

Attack on Russian oil refineries
Attack on Russian oil refineries

In Russian regions where oil industry has been targeted by Ukrainian drone strikes, National Guard (Rosgvardia) units are being inspected to determine why they failed to counter the threat, pro-Ukrainian resistance movement Atesh reported on March 27, citing an informant in Russia’s security forces.

The inspections are connected to Rosgvardia’s failure to develop effective defensive measures to protect oil refineries and other strategic sites from Ukrainian drone attacks. A variety of security measures are being tested, but so far Moscow lacks a clear understanding of how to effectively counter these types of UAV strikes, the report says.

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The message adds that, according to Atesh’s data, around 80% of Ukrainian drones reach their intended targets and inflict significant damage on Russia's strategic enterprises.

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In just two months, Ukraine used long-range drones to take out as much as 12% of Russia’s total oil refining capacity, according to a recent report by Bloomberg. The subsequent shortage of petroleum products forced Moscow to ban their exports.

On March 25, the head of Ukraine’s SBU security service, Lt. Gen. Vasyl Malyuk, said in an interview with ICTV that Ukraine will continue to target Russian oil facilities.

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