Russia nears completion of railroad to occupied southern Ukrainian territories – HUR

Kyrylo Budanov
Kyrylo Budanov

Russia has been building a railroad for over a year to connect with occupied southern Ukraine, which can became a problem for Ukraine, said Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine's top spy chief, on the national TV on March 31.

Budanov said that construction of this railroad is almost completed. However, Armed Forces have experience in destroying such facilities.

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"This can be a serious problem for us, but I hope that we will somehow cope with the land sections of this railroad, as we all have experience in this," Budanov said.

"It is much easier than the Crimean bridge issue."

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Earlier, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced the start of the restoration of the Rostov-on-Don-Donetsk-Mariupol-Berdyansk railroad line. It can reach the Russian-occupied Crimea and become an alternative to the Crimean bridge.

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Russians have been building a railway in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the representative of HUR, Andriy Yusov, said on March 21, calling it a significant target for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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