Russia has now lost one-third of its Black Sea Fleet after Ukraine sinks ship with UA-made Magura sea drones

Russian vessels in occupied Sevastopol
Russian vessels in occupied Sevastopol

Russia has now lost one-third of its Black Sea Fleet after Ukraine's HUR Military Intelligence destroyed another Russian ship overnight on June 6, HUR spokesperson, Andriy Yusov, said on national television.

"Details will come a little later," he said.

"The work of HUR special units. Sea strike. Everything is accurate. Minus one more enemy ship."

On the Crimean coast there is now "another (Russian) maritime property at the bottom of the Ukrainian Black Sea," he said

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Explosions rang out in the temporarily occupied Kerch, near the Crimean Bridge overnight on May 30.

Four Russian KS-701 Tunets boats were hit, destroying two, HUR said.

The boats were destroyed by Ukrainian Magura V5 naval drones, NV sources in the special service added.

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Ukraine could have hit up to seven enemy ships in temporarily occupied Kerch, Russian Telegram channel ASTRA claimed.

The Conroe Trader and Avangard ferries were damaged, ASTRA claimed, adding that the Russian pilot boat Mechta also sank in the attack.

Ukraine's Defense Forces destroyed the project 266-M Kovrove sea trawler of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and sank the Tsiklon missile ship on May 19.

Ukraine's Defense Forces have now sunk or disabled one-third of Russia's Black Sea Fleet during more than two years of full-scale war.

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