Russia to raise taxes in occupied Zaporizhzhya as funding cuts take effect

Zaporizhzhya Oblast
Zaporizhzhya Oblast

In the occupied part of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, the Russians plan to increase tax pressure on the local population and conduct more inspections as Russia cuts funding for the occupied zones, local governor Ivan Fedorov stated on Telegram on May 28.

Due to a lack of funds, employees of municipal and state-owned enterprises in the occupied part of the oblast have not been paid for several months. Additionally, the occupiers are cutting social payments and spending.

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“To compensate for the lack of funds, the occupiers announced the creation of a ‘headquarters for increasing tax revenues and combating illegal employment,’”

“Another controlling organization whose main task is to squeeze the last bit out of the residents of the occupied territories,” Fedorov said.

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Russia has directed most of its finances to continue the war against Ukraine, according to the head of the Zaporizhzhya administration.

“Russia only has enough money to finance the war and build logistics routes to bring ammunition to the front,” he added.

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