Russia’s 'Storm-Z' units accused of looting chickens, beating residents in Bryansk

Bryansk Oblast residents complain about their own 'defenders'
Bryansk Oblast residents complain about their own 'defenders'

The situation in Bryansk Oblast reveals a disturbing trend of flagrant misconduct and looting by the Russian military, not only in occupied Ukrainian territories, but also within Russia itself.

Social accounts of local residents recount numerous cases of theft and violence perpetrated by former inmates from the "Storm-Z" units, who had promised to protect Russians, but instead steal chickens and beat those who dare to confront them.

"We have an alarming situation here in Grushkovo. It means a negative increase in the number (of chickens). There were six, then became five, then four, and then even fewer. Because the damn defenders came, they have nothing to eat, so they take away chickens. And when the husband came to settle things, they beat him up too," said an ungrateful Russian woman.

And she was the lucky one, considering the scale of looting and violence perpetrated by "Storm-Z" soldiers.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, these so-called "heroes" have been responsible for the deaths of over a hundred of their fellow citizens, according to Verstka’s recent investigation.

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