Russia vetoes UN resolution on monitoring North Korea sanctions

UN Security Council meeting
UN Security Council meeting

Russia has blocked a UN Security Council resolution that sought to extend the monitoring of sanctions against North Korea by UN experts, AP reported on March 28.

Moscow’s veto effectively cancels the monitoring of previously imposed UN sanctions on North Korea. During the Security Council meeting, 13 countries supported the resolution, Russia voted against, and China abstained.

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The resolution, introduced by the United States, would have extended the UN oversight mandate for another year.

Before the vote, Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, accused Western countries of trying to "strangle" North Korea. He called the sanctions "irrelevant" and "detached from reality" in terms of restraining North Korea's nuclear program.

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The UK Ambassador to the UN, Barbara Woodward, stated that Russia's veto was due to agreements on arms supplies between Russia and North Korea, violating UN sanctions, specifically through "the transfer of ballistic missiles which Russia then used in its illegal invasion of Ukraine."

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White House National Security spokesman John Kirby previously said that Russia started firing North Korean ballistic missiles at targets in Ukraine since early January.

On March 20, the U.S. State Department reported that the Russian military had used North Korean missiles in the war against Ukraine at least ten times.

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