Russian army introduces ‘special air defense system’ to tanks - Video

The shooters themselves are not at all happy with their role
The shooters themselves are not at all happy with their role

After deciding that so-called “grills” were not enough to protect Russian tanks from drones, Russian Armed Forces began to put soldiers with hunting rifles on their armor, Russian propagandist channels reported.

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“Once, Ukrainian Baba Yaga (type of attack drones used by Ukrainian military) discovered our tank because it had warm barrel that did not cooled down," Russian propagandists explained.

"For this case, the tank crew has a shooter. He watches the sky."

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For their part, air defense personnel, who have to sit on the tank with virtually no protection, do not seem to be happy about their role, as effectiveness of such a dangerous way of protecting armored vehicles from enemy drones leaves much to be desired.

“We need to train constantly, it's not as simple as it seems," admitted one of the shooters.

"Baba Yaga is very fast. It's very difficult to hit her."

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At the same time, sometimes these “tank defenders” look so ridiculous that they become objects of ridicule even among Kremlin propagandists.

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