Russian hackers step up on cyberattacking Ukrainian soldiers's phones


Russian hackers have increased the number of cyberattacks on Ukrainian military mobile phones, State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine reported on Telegram on May 15.

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Throughout the latter half of 2023, hackers linked to Russia's GRU have increasingly utilized messengers and social engineering tactics to disseminate malware, experts say.

To carry out these cyber attacks, the perpetrators camouflaged spyware as installers for legitimate software applications, including the Kropyva situational awareness system. Additionally, they exploited popular communication platforms such as Signal and Telegram to distribute malicious files.

These adversaries have also swiftly adapted to new defensive measures by developing sophisticated attack vectors. The primary focus of these cyber attacks has been to propagate malware targeting Windows systems, exploiting the widespread use of messenger applications on desktop computers.

Moreover, Russian hackers have cleverly disguised malware within Zip or Rar file archives, presenting them as updates for Delta situational awareness certificates, further complicating the cybersecurity landscape.

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