Russian Military Tanks Form Heart Shape for Soldier's Marriage Proposal

A Russian lieutenant teamed up with military crews to surprise his girlfriend with a large heart-shaped formation of tanks for his marriage proposal, video published by a state-owned Russian TV network shows.

Zvezda, the broadcasting company for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, shared video on February 14 of the intricate marriage proposal. Aerial footage shows the T-72B3 tanks getting into position to form a heart as snow falls at the Alabino training grounds near Moscow. The lieutenant and his girlfriend stand in the middle of the heart as he kneels to propose.

“You and I have been together for a very long time, experienced distance and time, so marry me?” the lieutenant said, as quoted in a Zvezda article.

The girlfriend said “yes” to the lieutenant’s proposal and the couple may hold the wedding during the Russian tank biathlon sporting event during the summer, Zvezda reported. Credit: Zvezda/Armed Forces of the Russian Federation via Storyful