Russian missile enters territory of Poland

Russian missile flew over the territory of Poland (illustrative photo)
Russian missile flew over the territory of Poland (illustrative photo)

One of the Russian cruise missiles that attacked Ukraine on March 24 entered the air space of Poland, Polish Armed Forces reported on X on March 24.

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"We would like to inform you that on March 24 this year at 04:23 AM (05:23 AM Kyiv time), one of the cruise missiles launched by Russian long-range aviation violated Polish airspace," reads a tweet from one of the Polish army's operational commands.

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Reportedly, Russian missile flew into Polish airspace near the village of Ocerdów in Lublin Voivodeship and stayed there for 39 seconds. Throughout the flight, the object was tracked by Polish military radar systems.

Polish Armed Forces noted that during the attack on Ukraine, all necessary procedures were launched to ensure the safety of Polish airspace, including deployment of fighter aircrafts.

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"We are monitoring the situation on the territory of Ukraine on a regular basis and are in constant readiness to ensure the safety of Polish airspace," Polish army added..

On March 24, Russia launched a massive attack on Ukraine for the third night in a row. In particular, Lviv Oblast came under missile attacks, where 19 Russian cruise missiles and seven attack drones were registered.

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This is not the first time that Russian missiles have flown into the Polish sky. For example, during the attack on Dec. 29, Russian missile stayed over Poland for about three minutes.

Also, on Feb. 7, one of the Russian missiles approached the border with Poland.

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