Russian MP ugly outrage at fellow citizens unwilling to die in Ukraine - Video

Zhuravlev himself is in no hurry to sacrifice his life
Zhuravlev himself is in no hurry to sacrifice his life

Russian State Duma deputy Alexei Zhuravlev, best known for his stories about “European brothels,” expressed outrage at his fellow Russians for their unwillingness to die in the bloody war Moscow is waging against Ukraine.

Speaking at the so-called “Safe Internet League” propaganda forum organized by Putin’s “new love” and notorious serial snitch Ekaterina Mizulina, Zhuravlev claimed that he was taught from an early age that human life is insignificant compared to the needs of the state.

At the same time, he did not explain why he calls for sending others to slaughter instead of joining the army himself.

“What if tomorrow there is a big war? What if tomorrow we go on a ‘campaign?’ Who will fight? Do you understand?” he asked.

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“Our generation has been brought up for 30 years: ‘No, no, no.’ What is our main value? What is the main value? Life is the main value! I was brought up from childhood... I don’t know... I have a country first, then my family, friends, then my values, and then only my life.”

It should be noted that Zhuravlev is facing a prison sentence in Ukraine for “public calls for an aggressive war.”

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