Russian war veteran attacked by neighbor over prosthetic leg noise, hospitalized

Beaten one-legged “hero” faces yet another surgery
Beaten one-legged “hero” faces yet another surgery

A Russian war veteran, celebrated by some as a hero for his role in defending against perceived threats from "NATO," "Banderites" (a derogatory term for Ukrainians), and alleged "biolaboratories," was hospitalized after a confrontation with a neighbor in Vladivostok.

The dispute, which stemmed from noise made by his prosthetic leg, ended in violence.

Local sources report that the veteran, who lost his right leg and underwent extensive surgery to implant a metal plate in one arm after fighting for what he believed was the "Russian world," faced neglect from the state upon his return. He took up part-time work repairing apartments to make ends meet.

The conflict escalated when the noise from his prosthetic leg allegedly drove the downstairs neighbor to attack him with a stick, breaking his still-healing arm.

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“I fell down, and the neighbor started beating me with a stick all over my body, my whole head was covered with bumps,” the veteran recounted.

Now, the veteran, already struggling with his injuries, must undergo another surgery following the assault.

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