Russians use ‘self-propelled’ bathtubs at the front – Video

"Russian ferry" was destroyed by Ukrainian drone
"Russian ferry" was destroyed by Ukrainian drone

As traditional armored vehicles and military transport became scarce, Russian invaders resorted to unconventional methods, showcased in revealing videos shared by Censor.Net editor-in-chief Yuriy Butusov on Telegram.

Russian Defense Ministry has already tried to use unprotected Chinese "golf carts" and even motorcycles to improve their beleaguered logistics, but this time they surpassed themselves and used an ordinary bathtub as a transport vehicle.

The Ukrainian drone operators while observing this original object first thought that someone could be hiding inside, but later it turned out that the Russians were using them as a kind of "ferry" to deliver ammunition and food to their positions.

Be that as it may, the hopes of the invaders that Ukrainian military would not pay attention to the "self-propelled" bathtub turned out to be in vain.

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“Romeo, your way out. The bathtub must be destroyed!", one of the Ukrainian commanders ordered, after which an FPV drone was sent to the place, thus depriving the Russians of communication between the positions.

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