Russia's 'Victory Parade' greatly affected by losses in Ukraine - British Intelligence

Parade in Russia on May 9
Parade in Russia on May 9

British intelligence believes that Russia failed to demonstrate its military strength at May 9 parade due to lack of heavy armored vehicles, according to an intelligence report by British Ministry of Defense published on X on May 10.

Intelligence officers noted that this was due to significant losses of personnel and equipment in war against Ukraine.

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According to report, although 61 military vehicles were presented at the parade, there were no heavy armored vehicles or tracked military equipment. The only tank present was a World War II-era T-34 ceremonial tank, which traditionally kicked off the parade, in “contrast” to 2020 Moscow parade, which included 20 main battle tanks.

It is noted that the parade was also attended by nine Su-30 and MiG-29 aircraft, as well as six Su-25 attack aircraft.

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In addition, more than two-thirds of 30 vehicles at the parade were represented by military academies, youth and veterans' organizations. The parade was also attended by internal security units and emergency services. A total of 9.000 cadets, veterans and military personnel took part in the parade. This is a thousand more than in 2023, but less than in the 2021 parade, where 11.000 people took part.

Russian parades on May 9

The American Institute for the Study of War wrote that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin used May 9 to absurdly present Russia as an alleged “bastion” of fight against Nazism, and himself as an “effective” commander who is allegedly capable of spontaneous tactical decisions on the front.

Bild columnist Bjorn Stritzel called parade on Red Square “more modest than before the invasion of Ukraine” and “an almost exact repetition of last year's.”

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According to General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as of May 10, Russian troops have lost approximately 7.434 tanks in Ukraine, 5 of them in last 24 hours.

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