Rustic Roadside Restaurant opens in Tudor and Cashel

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Tudor and Cashel Township gave a huge welcome to a new restaurant within its borders on its Facebook page on May 25. The Rustic Roadside Restaurant, which opened up on May 21 is currently offering takeout for the time being due to the current lockdown, but hopes to offer in-person dining as soon as it is safe to do so.

Located on Hwy 62, just south of Weslemkoon Lake Road, the Rustic Roadside Restaurant is owned and operated by Maggie Thrasher and her fiancé Terry Salisbury. They had lived in Belleville until recently, but both wanted to move north and decided that Tudor and Cashel was a great place to put down some further roots. They already had a hunting camp in Gilmour.

“We’re happy to be part of the community. It’s beautiful up here. We just love it,” she says.

Thrasher and Salisbury have been in the hospitality business for over 40 years and have owned other restaurants and food trucks together. Thrasher says they always had a variety of food trucks at Bancroft’s Rockhound Gemboree over the years, except the last couple of years with COVID-19 of course.

Thrasher says that everything at the Rustic Roadside is home cooked.

“It’s cooked on site, like the roast beef, the turkey. Nothing is processed, everything is made from scratch. We also do our own baking on site. We take pride in that. We cannot wait to open [fully]. We’re excited. We’ve met some fantastic people and we’re just pleased to be part of this community. It’s God’s country,” she says.

According to Thrasher, the menu that is out right now is their takeout menu.

“We call it our takeout menu 1.0. because we only put things on there that would travel well because we’re in lockdown. Of course, people are more than welcome to order anything we offer however,” she says.

These offerings include a variety of breakfast and lunch/dinner sandwiches, starters like deep fried pickles, onion rings, fresh cut fries, Paudash poutine, stuffed potato skins and coconut shrimp, burgers, wraps and salads. They also have dinner options called “Mag’s meals” like their Roadside hearty homemade special, fish and chips, Philly goes north cheesesteak sandwich, chicken tenders and coconut shrimp with thai chili sauce. Baked goods like butter tarts are available to go as well. More information can be found on their Facebook page at They can also be reached at and at (613)474-3838.

As of May 30, there are numerous glowing reviews on Facebook and Google, which Thrasher is pleased to hear about.

“I have a close friend that lives up near Bird’s Creek who has been helping us with the restaurant’s online presence. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a computer guru!” she says.

The thing that Thrasher and Salisbury are most pleased with is the warm welcome that they’ve gotten from the Tudor and Cashel community.

“People are so happy we’re here and that just makes us feel so great. We just want to thank people for welcoming us with open arms and the people are incredible,” she says. “We’re happy to be part of this community and when we retire, we’re retiring right here.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times

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