Ryan 'Muffin Man' Reaves spites Evander Kane by changing Twitter picture

Of the eight first-round matchups in the 2019 NHL playoffs, the battle between the Vegas Golden Knights and San Jose Sharks has debatably provided the highest level of entertainment.

The opening four games between the two sides have featured goals scored with faces, sensational play from Vegas’s “second” line, intense battles, a head shot that resulted in a suspension, as well as quite the tilt between Ryan Reaves and Evander Kane.

While the action on the ice — including that heavyweight fight between Reaves and Kane near the end of Vegas’s Game 3 victory — has been incredible, the chirping that’s followed with microphones and cameras in their faces has left plenty to be desired.

After throwing hands with the Golden Knights tough guy, Kane said that he thought he “was fighting the Muffin Man” while trading punches with Reaves.

“For the so-called toughest guy in the league, I don’t know if he landed a punch,” Kane told reporters, via Fear the Fin.

While comparing an opponent to the main character of a children’s nursery rhyme is obscure, Reaves decided to embrace the chirp (if you can call it that) on Twitter.

The move was the latest in an off-ice battle that has featured devastating shots such as, but limited to: “For a guy who plays 3 1/2 minutes a night, he sure does a lot of talking,” “Kane gets 10 feet tall when I’m not on the ice…,” and “Nobody thinks of Ryan Reaves as a hockey player.”

Somebody call an ambulance because both of these gentlemen are suffering from third-degree burns after that verbal firefight!

Or, let’s just let everyone settle things with their play during the rest of this series.

In a league that lacks character and raw emotion from its athletes while they speak with the media, these types of feuds are what fans crave. But, seriously, I’ve heard better chirps on middle school playgrounds.

But, in fairness, we can’t expect the two of them to give genuine answers while filtering themselves well after the height of their emotional, heated battles.

If you really want to know what these guys think of each other, get them mic’d up and listen to those unedited audio feeds.

While it is unknown at this time whether or not Reaves actually lives on Drury Lane, this much is for sure: His Golden Knights go into Thursday night’s Game 5 up 3-1 in the best-of-seven series.

The battle on the ice between San Jose’s Evander Kane and Vegas’ Ryan Reaves has been top-notch entertainment. Off it, not so much. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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