Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Walk Arm-in-Arm After Dinner Date

On Saturday, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were seen in New York City, strolling through the West Village arm-in-arm after enjoying dinner together at Buvette restaurant. The Gossip Girl star wore wide-legged denim pants with a black and purple sweater and a white T-shirt. She layered it with a long black overcoat, and carried a brown leather purse over one shoulder. On her feet were a pair of white platform shoes.

Reynolds wore black pants, a white T-shirt, a collared gray sweater, and a blue puffer coat, plus a pair of black and white sneakers. He was carrying a bag from the restaurant and they walked with it all the way back to Tribeca, where they share an apartment.

In a recent interview with her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-star Amber Tamblyn, Lively shared the rules she and Reynolds began their relationship with when they started dating in 2011. The interview appeared on Tamblyn's Substack show, Further Ado, released on February 22.

“When Ryan and I got together, we made a rule not to work at the same time,” Lively explained. “So that we could always prioritize our personal life.”

She continued, “That takes working really hard when we're not. Just like financial planning and sustaining that; it takes balance.”

Way back in 2011, Lively was wrapping up her time on Gossip Girl, and the series had a demanding schedule.

“I'm used to working hard and going and going and going and going and not stopping,” Lively reflected. “Especially, Gossip Girl was six years of my life, and we were sometimes shooting three episodes at once.”

In 2012, just a year after they started dating, the pair got married. They've since welcomed four children, three daughters named James, Inez, and Betty, as well as a baby born in February of 2023, whose name and gender have not yet been revealed.

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