'S--- just got real for them': Ontario mom makes 'rude' sons walk two hours to school

“Being bad and rude to our bus driver! Mom’s making us walk,” read the controversial sign.  (Photo via Facebook)

For some parents, disciplining a child means sending them to their room or taking away their phone — but one mom found a different way to teach her boys a lesson after they were rude to a bus driver.

In a viral post to Facebook last week, the mother, from Windsor, Ont., shared a photo of two boys covered in winter gear walking down a road. They were holding a sign that read: “BEING BAD AND RUDE TO OUR BUS DRIVER! MOMS MAKIN US WALK.”

According to CBC, the mother wrote: “My boys have been bad for their bus driver and I got a call from the school yesterday that drew a line for me! So this morning we did a 7km walk to show them what everyday will be like for them when they get kicked off the bus! Sh-t just got real for them, two hours later they made it!’

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The post was shared more than 30,000 times before it was taken down. (Photo via Facebook)

The post was shared more than 30,000 times before it was taken down — and although the mom was praised by some for her parenting techniques, she told the CBC that there was a lot of backlash — enough to convince her to call the Children’s Aid Society to explain her side of the story.

Whether people agreed with her parenting style or not, it worked. The mom said that her eldest son   learned his lesson quickly after that long walk.

Her younger son, however, had to walk a second day (although she refrained from posting photos of that on Facebook).

And well — at least she made them walk, not run.

Just last week, Bryan Thornhill, a father from Roanoke, Va., made headlines after he posted a Facebook Live video of his 10-year-old son running a mile to school in the rain as he drove slowly behind him. It was an unconventional way to punish his son, who was kicked off the school bus for three days after being a “little bully.”

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