SABA presents One Fine Day

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The South Algonquin Business Alliance sent out its latest newsletter on April 13. They provided updates on their incorporation process, funding, and their zine called “One Fine Day” which is nearing completion and should be ready for distribution by the May long weekend.

In the April 13 newsletter, SABA announced that its incorporation process is proceeding well. As part of that process, they decided to undergo a name change, as there was a conflict with another business. Instead of being called the South Algonquin Business Association, they’ll now be called the South Algonquin Business Alliance. They will however have the same acronym.

SABA says they like the word “alliance” better because it captures the spirit of working together as colleagues and allies. As part of the name change, they also decided to adopt a new logo. They also announced that, thanks to a Community Futures grant, they have raised $5,200 of the $7,265 they need to incorporate.

Angela Pollak says that means they’re 68 per cent of the way there.

“Fundraising will continue for the rest of 2021. Watch the Politics Facebook page for more giveaways, auctions and fundraisers,” she says.

SABA also announced that their zine “One Fine Day” was now selling individual copies and was taking pre-orders for bulk copies. Pollak was pleased to announce that the SABA zine was nearing reality.

“The title ‘One Fine Day’ captures the idea that the community has many stories to tell about one fine day in the community’s past or present. It also speaks to tourists who may be here looking for something to do if they’re only in town for one day; a kind of 24-hour guide. We want them to leave feeling like they’ve experienced ‘one fine day’ in the township,” she says.

The zine will be approximately 64 pages, printed on glossy paper, and the retail price of the zine is $12. They are currently selling individual copies at two for $21 plus tax. Payment is due at the time of order. Businesses wanting to order in bulk to sell for profit or to give out to their guests, can email SABA with their requirements. The bulk costs are as follows; 10 copies for $90 ($9 each), 25 copies for $200 ($8 each), 50 copies for $350 ($7 each) and 100 copies for $600 ($6 each).

Payment is due at the beginning of May, once SABA can confirm they can meet the minimum quantity orders. They believe the magazines will be ready for distribution by the May long weekend. Pollak says they are accepting content for the zine until April 28.

“If you still want to participate, help is available to lay out the pages as long as you provide the content. Advertising is $100 for a full page or $50 for a half page. Personal pages are $10 each and any business that purchases a business ad can purchase up to five personal pages at $10 each to feature the story of their business or any story of their choosing. We have a limited number of pages, so don’t wait,” she says.

Pollak revealed in an email from April 22 that there were no other updates to share at that time.

“With the province in lockdown, we’re all sort of hunkering down and waiting for word that we can start prepping to reopen,” she says. “Hopefully, we’ll have some more news in May.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times