SABA returns for 2021 season

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The South Algonquin Business Association released its October newsletter on Oct. 19 and it is filled with new information for the South Algonquin Township business community. They are resuming their monthly meetings on Oct. 30, they are soliciting volunteers for their 2021 season and they have new information available about the Enabling Accessibility Fund, which has two streams; a $10,000 grant with an end of November 2020 deadline to apply, and $100,000 grant available every two years.

SABA will be meeting up virtually from October to May of 2021 on the last Friday morning of each month, and they are encouraging new members to join in. The first meeting back will be on Oct. 30 at 9 a.m., and will be available by Zoom or over the phone. Dial in information is available on their website at While the agenda is yet to be finalized, they will be discussing their annual dinner in December, social media and marketing opportunities for 2021 and their board election for the new year, which will be held at the December meeting. They ask that you contact Evelyne Lesage,, if you have anything else that you’d like added to the agenda.

Volunteers are also being sought by SABA for the 2021 season.

“Heading into our third year of operation, we have some pretty fantastic successes behind us, including increased funding to the region and community engagement and some pretty exciting projects we’d like to take going forward,” says SABA’s Angela Pollak, “We only meet in the winter months which makes it a pretty low commitment volunteer opportunity.”

She also says that the chance for impacting the township’s economic development makes it an appreciated and meaningful contribution, and that they’re especially looking for people with experience in different social media channels to help them build up their social media profile. She reiterates that they’ll be holding their board elections in December, and they’ll be looking for volunteers to take over as chair, secretary and treasurer for 2021.

The end of November is the application deadline for the Enabling Accessibility Grant, which is worth up to $10,000 for small businesses to increase their accessibility. Pollak asks that anybody interested should email her at According to Pollak, they have a community youth leader in place to help out with the application process, and out of five applications in the last two years, they have had four funded to the tune of $37,000, including automatic doors, wheelchairs, electric bicycles and a paving project.

“With regard to the Enabling Accessibility Fund, we’ve been working on capacity building with local businesses to try and increase the amount of funding coming to the region. We’ve had some interest from the community with a total of seven businesses going through the ‘how to write a grant’ workshop, and four of those businesses followed through with completed applications,” says Pollak.

There are two streams they have been applying to, according to Pollak. The first is the Youth Innovation stream, with grants in the amount of $10,000. They have submitted five grants in two cycles, and gotten funding for 80 per cent of the applications. Pollak says she will provide review and feedback for any business who asks. As already mentioned, the deadline is Nov. 30.

The second stream is for small projects, and that comes up every two years, with grants up to $100,000. They have had one application funded for an $80,000 project in the 2018 cycle.

“We’re waiting on adjudication results on the four applications submitted in 2020, which we’re expecting to hear back about later this year, in November or December,” says Pollak, “I will share the results when they’re all in.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times