Safari Tourist Films Bizarre Footage Of Hyena Walking On Two Legs

Hyenas can be bizarre looking animals in general but finding one in the wild walking around on its front two legs just took the bizarreness to a next level. It was during a recent safari in the Kruger National Park that we came across one of the weirdest looking animals I have ever seen. We were driving through the bush for some time without seeing much until our guide suddenly stopped. He spotted something in the distance sitting in the grass. At first, we could not see what it was but when it got up, we quickly identified it as a hyena. Hyenas are found in the Kruger Park in great numbers and seeing these animals randomly in the bush often happens. It was only when the hyena moved from the long grass into the road that we realized that something about the hyena looked very odd. We were totally confused by the strange manner the hyena was walking until we could clearly see that this hyena was strangely walking on its front two legs while the back two legs were dangling in the air. It looked like something that escaped from a horror movie and incredibly weird. I couldn’t believe how this hyena miraculously managed to survive by only walking on its front two legs. The hyena was rather shy and quickly disappeared down the road. Hyenas are incredibly tough animals and can adapt to almost any situation. To see how this hyena adapted and managed to carry on walking on two legs was just beyond our believe. After some investigation, we learned from other safari guides in the area that this hyena has been spotted before and that this hyena was attacked by lions a few years back and luckily survived. The lion attack left the hyena with serious injuries in its hips and back feet that it had to adapt to walk on its front two legs in order to survive. The hyena’s willingness to live and survive in such a hostile environment is an incredible story from Mother Nature.