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Friday 03, July

The Moon continues to light up your fiery stars for one last day, Sagi. You're feeling it too as we build up to yet another earth-shaking eclipse. Use this time to get your strength and patience back in check. It's easy to feel like you just want to blow things up. Count to ten and let it go for now.

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Thursday 02, July

The Moon is now lighting up your very own fiery constellation of Sagittarius. You are totally in your element and likely running out of patience as the fervor for immediacy is quite strong. You'll have to summon the part of you that knows all good things come to those who wait. It's just a matter of time before you get what you really want.

Wednesday 01, July

You need a break and loads of extra sleep today, Sagittarius. You've been working too hard and fast for too long and your soul is demanding a respite. Plus, Neptune is putting you under a dreamy and sleepy spell. It's not a day to get mired in details or heavy information overload. You need movies and mindlessness now.

Tuesday 30, June

The Moon is hiding in your house of sleep, dreams and escapism. No wonder you want to hide out under the covers and call off all responsibility and meetings. Give yourself a chance to rest and recover from all the recent emotional intensity. Your body and your soul will thank you tremendously.

Monday 29, June

Today's Moon-Pluto tensions could put stress on your money situation especially where colleagues or community are involved. You'll have to renegotiate if it feels like someone is running a power trip on you. They just might push you to the brink. Stay firm and hold the boundary, darling.

Sunday 28, June

With the Moon in Libra, a sign that's super friendly to you, this Sunday should offer some sweet relief. And with lunar energy in your social zone, you'll crave contact (socially distanced, of course) with your fave group of friends. If you're at home, ring your besties or set up a Zoom cocktail sesh - you all could do with a little support right now.

Saturday 27, June

Today the planet of passion and action moves into Aries, your sister fire sign, for an extremely long time. This rare extended visit to your love zone will last all the way through the end of 2020 thanks to a fall retrograde. Your creativity and hunger for pleasure are about to light up, Sagi bb.

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