'I said my prayer to God': N.W.T. elder recalls Edmonton axe attack

A senior from Behchoko, N.W.T., says she survived a brutal attack through prayer. 

Dora Campbell, 72, says on Feb. 15 she was thrown down the stairs of her Edmonton home several times and jabbed in the head with a shower curtain rod. Her story was first reported by the Edmonton Journal. 

"He burned down the house and threw me down on the cement floor," Campbell said in an interview with the CBC. 

She says the man who did it was seeing her daughter Crystal Campbell.

Police are seeking suspect Jade Boskoyous, 33, in connection with the incident.

"Investigators have issued several province-wide warrants for his arrest including, attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and arson," according to a police news release.

Dora says the man also attacked Crystal with an axe. "She was bleeding on the head," Dora said. She said Crystal took the axe away from him and hid in a bedroom. 

Dora remembers being thrown against a cement floor. She said the man went on to start a fire in her kitchen that killed her small cat. 

Attacker helped elder escape home

"I said my prayer to God," Campbell said. "I said, 'God forgive him what he's doing, he's doing wrong — give him the right path forward.'"

The Tlicho-speaker prayed in English, hoping the man would hear what she was saying. 

Dora told Crystal to crawl to a window and break it, which she did. 

God forgive him what he's doing, he's doing wrong — give him the right path forward. - Dora Campbell

Crystal escaped and called emergency responders. 

Dora said that before the ambulance arrived, the man who brutalized her carried her outside and put her in the snow. 

"He doesn't want me to die," she said. 

Submitted by Lee Anne Campbell

'I hope he gets what he deserves'

Dora and her daughter taken to the hospital, where they received care. 

Her son, Donald Campbell, said that when he got a call that his mother was in the hospital, "I just lost it. After everything she's been through." 

Holding back tears, Donald says his mother is incredibly strong: she's already lost two sons — one to cancer and one to a drunk driver. 

Donald said his mother broke her hip in the attack.

According to the Edmonton Journal, Campbell underwent a hip surgery on the weekend.

Donald said his mother will stay with him and his family until they can find a new place for her to live. He said he expects his mother to remain in hospital until the end of the week.

Dora said she's still in pain, but she's focused on her recovery.

"I hope he gets what he deserves in jail," she said. "I'm going to keep doing for my grandchildren what I have to do."