Sam Heughan Revealed He's the Only Person on the Outlander Set Who Knows How The Series Ends

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Photo credit: Randy Brooke - Getty Images
Photo credit: Randy Brooke - Getty Images

The cast of Outlander are no strangers to keeping secrets. The steamy time travel drama, which just wrapped up its sixth season on Starz, is full of dramatic twists and turns—which sometimes surprise even fans of Diana Gabaldon's novel series.

Naturally, keeping spoilers secret is part of the job description for the cast and crew. However, Sam Heughan just revealed that there's a very particular secret that he has to keep from everybody else on set—including his co-star, Caitríona Balfe.

During an interview with Esquire UK, Heughan was asked if he knows how the series will end. "Diana Gabaldon [the writer-creator] actually revealed to me how the whole thing’s going to end," he responded. "She emailed me the last few pages of what will be the last book very early on, I think in the first few weeks of shooting and no one else has seen that I think, apart from one other exec producer. Even Caitríona’s not seen it and I’m sworn to secrecy."

Gabaldon has previously revealed that there will be ten books total in the Outlander series – and as of this year, she's started writing number ten. She's also revealed that the series will wrap up in Scotland, around the year 1800, and that it'll be both uplifting and devastating, in true Outlander fashion.

"The last book will have a happy ending, though I confidently expect it to leave the readers in floods of tears, anyway," she writes.

While Heughan (of course) revealed nothing about the specifics of the ending, you have to assume that if Gabaldon chose to show those last few pages to him and not to Balfe, then they must center on Jamie's character. Take from that what you will, fans.

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