This Samsung 11.1.4-channel soundbar has a $900 price cut

2023 Samsung HW-Q990C.

One of the best things about new tech deals is scoring last year’s top products for less. Soundbar deals are where a lot of these types of savings live, and we found one that was too good to ignore. Right now, you can purchase the Samsung 11.1.4 HW-Q990C from Woot for only $998. That’s 47% off its full retail price of $1,900. We think the main reason this all-in-one system is priced so low is because the 2024 Samsung HW-Q990D just arrived; so it’ll only be a matter of time before this Woot deal is no more.

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Why you should buy the Samsung 11.4.1-channel soundbar

One of the most interesting and unique features of Samsung soundbars, including this HW-Q990C, is somthing called Q-Symphony. If you own a compatible Samsung QLED or QD-OLED TV, you’ll be able to combine your TV speakers with the HW-Q990C drivers. This gives you a major boost in overall sound-staging, a feat further capitalized on by Samsung’s SpaceFit Sound Pro tech. The latter uses advanced acoustic tech to calibrate audio to best-suit the listening environment.

As far as the soundbar itself goes, the Q990C includes 11 front-firing speakers, 4 up-firing drivers, two rear speakers, and a dedicated subwoofer. You may have noticed that’s enough drivers for a full Dolby Atmos system; and indeed, the Q990C supports this prolific surround codec, along with many others.

We’re big fans of soundbars that can be used as full-on HDMI-switching hubs, and the Q990C has got what it takes to get all your gear connected. Beyond its physical inputs, you’ll also be able to take advantage of wireless music streaming via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, and a hands-free Alexa experience. This means you won’t have to deal with a voice remote mic when trying to issue commands to the Amazon assistant.

Premium soundbars are made by several companies, but if you’re looking for one of the best speaker deals we’ve seen in a long time, don’t pass on this Woot promo. Again, that’s the Samsung 11.1.4 HW-Q990C for only $998, which is almost half off the system’s original price! If you have an extra minute, you should check out some of our Bluetooth speaker deals too.

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